Happy words from the recent immigrants who relied on ASM Migration Services.

Success Stories

Sanjevhan Gounder

It was sad to see my wife leave Australia after bungled up migration application. However, Stephen advised us that this is the best way forward to apply for partner visa. We followed Stephen’s advice and luckily got the visa within 3 months.

We have a happy family life in Australia.

ASM Migration Services not only saved us thousands of dollars for fighting un-winnable legal battle but also achieved the best out come for us.

Carlos Paul De Salva

I called Australia home almost 24 years ago. I have a wonderful teenage daughter and beautiful life partner in Australia. However, my previous relationship breakdown and some driving mistakes led to get the conviction of 18 months. Consequently, my permanent visa was cancelled and I was put into immigration detention.

My friend contacted ASM Migration Services and Stephen came to visit me in the Villawood Detention. Stephen acted very professionally, prepared and handled my appeal for the revocation of visa cancellation decision and I got my permanent visa reinstated.

The very next day after getting out of detention I went to visit Stephen and thanked him for securing another chance to live in this beautiful country I call my home – Australia.

Banaras Khan

After obtaining my permanent residency in Australia, the major goal of my life was to bring my family from Pakistan to Australia.

I consulted with Stephen John and he advised to collect the plethora of documents required to lodge the application. I wanted to lodge the application before the deadline of 31 June 2015 otherwise I had to pay almost $6000 extra for the application fee to the Department of Immigration. Stephen assisted me to lodge the application on time.

My boys were all above 18 years of age and into full time study. Now I live in Sydney with my wife and 3 boys and always grateful to ASM Migration Services for their professional services as well as all round support during the process of application.

Amin Ali Gujjar

After falling behind and missing my classes due to unforseen circumstances, Department of Immigration asked for explanation for breaching my student visa condition when I lodged application to renew my student visa. I contacted couple of migration agents who refused to take my case.

A friend referred me to ASM Migration Services. I was told that Stephen is not just a migration agent but also a solicitor with very impressive experience in migration law, particularly in difficult matters.

Luckily, I went to see Stephen who took my case and prepared the explanation for the breach of student visa.

I was thrilled to receive my student visa for 4 years in two weeks time after lodging the explanation letter.

I always recommend everyone to see Stephen whether it is simple or complex migration matter.

Muhammad Adnan Zafar

My journey to Australia started with unwanted hick ups. My agent in Pakistan advised about my visa grant after many weeks and when I reached Australia the first semester was already commenced.

I had to take accelerated course, which put enormous study pressure on me that resulted in falling behind in study. A series of misguided and unprofessional student and migration agents advises complicated my situation further and by the end of 3 year I could only accomplish very little in study.

My student visa was about to expire. I lodged the application but Department of Immigration refused visa due to serious breach of visa conditions. I contacted a migration agent who did not lodge my appeal application on time. Therefore I missed the chance to appeal the Department of Immigration Decision from Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

In the complete state of despair, I contacted Stephen who advised me that the only option left for me is to go to the High Court to get the relief I wish. He very clearly and precisely advised me the whole process and what costs I could expect.

Stephen prepared and lodged the application in the High Court of Australia and within 8 weeks of lodgement of our application we got the result. The lawyer for the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection agreed without trial to remit the case back to the Immigration Department for reconsideration. Stephen also managed to secure the costs of the application and Minister of Immigration paid me the cost of legal and application fees.

It was a near death experience for me. I contacted Stephen when I was told that I have no avenue left and now my time in Australia is over. Stephen restored me an opportunity to continue my studies in Australia and eventually pursue my dream career.

Saad Abbasi

I came to study in Australia. I was in the second last semester when my visa expired. I did not know that I have missed the expiry date of my visa. When I came to know it was already expired and literally I was an illegal foreigner in Australia. My agent from Pakistan who initially processed my student visa application referred me to Stephen.

ASM Migration lodged my student visa application and within 3 weeks I got my student visa.


I came to visit Australia from Poland. I liked Australia so much that I decided to complete my further study in Australia. A friend referred me to ASM Migration Services. I met Stephen and signed few papers. The rest was so smoothly managed by Stephen and I got my student visa in no time.

I am enjoying my study and life in Australia. I am always grateful for speedy and professional assistance from ASM Migration Services.