Australian Visa Experts

Australia’s migration laws constantly change. To become an Australian permanent resident or Australian citizen, there are many, quite confusing pathways. Unless you understand this fully, you can make errors in your application and reduce your chances of success or find yourself in breach of your visa.

Our skill is to determine the best pathway and most suitable visa for you and your family.  We provide advice for your particular situation and work with you to achieve that end and ensure that you remain compliant with the Australian migration laws and regulations.

We work in this field on a daily basis. We understand the law, we know the policy and we talk to real people in the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. We are experts in this field and have been in practice for over 20 years. We research the latest changes in both law and policy.

You do not need to become an expert in Australian migration and citizenship law. We are the experts.

Whether you are onshore or offshore, we can help you enter Australia or extend your stay in Australia. There are many visas in the Australian migration system; we have broken down most popular visas by categories:


For people looking to visit Australia. Click here for consultation.


For people with an Australian partner. Click here for consultation.


For people wanting to sponsor their parents to Australia. Click here for consultation.


Other family related visas. Click here for consultation.

Work And Play

For people wanting to come to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa or Work and Holiday visa. Click here for consultation.


For people wanting to study in Australia. Click here for consultation.

Live Permanently

For skilled people wanting to live in Australia permanently. Click here for consultation.


Still can’t find a visa that would suit you? Please visit our assessment page and we can help you.