Labor Agreements allow businesses to sponsor a specified number of skilled workers from overseas.

They are different from Employer Nomination Scheme and Temporary Business (Long Stay) schemes in that a labor Agreement enables companies to nominate occupations that are not on the lists of approved occupations. The nominated occupation must be identified as a being in shortage or as being an emerging labor market shortage in Australia.

If your company would like to sponsor a lot of workers from overseas, this agreement may be the best for you.

Labor Agreements generally take a long time to process as they require dealing with various government bodies. We can deal with the government bodies on your behalf and negotiate formal arrangements between the employer, the Australian government and/or an industrial associations.

Labour Agreements are granted for both temporary and permanent visas.

Nomination By The Employer

  • the position was specified in the Labor Agreement
  • the agreed number of positions included in the Labor Agreement has not already been filled
  • the terms and conditions of employment offered are in accordance with the Labor Agreement
  • the position nominated requires the qualifications and skills (including English language skills) specified in the Labor Agreement.

Visa Application By Nominee

  • be nominated to work in Australia by an organisation that has an approved Labour Agreement
  • have the relevant skills (including English language skills), qualifications and experience specified in the agreement
  • meet mandatory licensing, registration or professional membership requirements (if applicable).

What ASM Will Do

  • Provide you or your employee with your own communication portal
  • Provide a detailed Checklists and Information Sheets
  • Understand your requirements
  • Partner with you & step your business through the process
  • Liaise directly with the visa applicant & family
  • Ensure that only correct and complete information is lodged with DIBP
  • Complete the forms and submissions
  • Follow through to visa decision
  • Reduce your stress
  • Minimise the stress 457 visa applicant & family by keeping them up-to-date

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