Apply for the Right Australian Visas

Over 100 Different Visas In Australia

With over 100 different visas and multiple streams within visa categories, you can spend hours reading and visiting different websites for Australian visa information. You may even seek advice from your friends or family who have applied for an independent visa or a sponsored visa in the past.

However, despite all this effort, our experience with clients has shown that you may not necessarily find the visa that best suits your particular situation or that the laws have changed. We believe it is best to seek professional up-to-date advice and receive a tailored consultation to determine the visa which best suits you.

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We have summarised the most popular Australian visas here for you. Please click on the category of your interest for more information:

Corporate Services

This section contains information on Australian company sponsorships and Australian company sponsored visas. If you are a foreign worker or looking to sponsor foreign workers, this section is for you. It contains information about company obligations, visa types and the visa processes.

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This section contains information on the most popular Australian visas for individuals and families. These visas are for people who are looking to come to Australia in their own right (or with a family sponsor).

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Business Skills

This section contains information on visas for people looking to invest or establish their own business in Australia.

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Citizenship Appeals Resident Return

This section contains information about acquiring citizenship for permanent residents, and information on appeals for those who have had their visas refused. It also contains information on Australian permanent residents wishing to extend their permanent residency visas.

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